About LLA


“I learned everything at LLA. I learned how to control my anger; how to communicate with people; how to be in a job setting and be professional and talk to others in a different way; I learned to cook and how to make friends.”
—Sami, LLA Graduate, 2018

Life Learning Academy has provided innovative alternative education for 22 years and has been recognized by local, state, and national education experts. Since opening, LLA has collected process and outcome evaluation data that demonstrates our ability to reach young people who have failed or been failed by other organizations. LLA has served hundreds of the highest-risk, highest-need high school students since 1998. In their first semester at LLA, our students improve their GPA from a 0.5 to a 2.6 and have 23 fewer absences than the semester before LLA. 95% of students who were arrested prior to LLA did not get arrested for a new crime after 6 months. We average above a 92% graduation rate. 

When LLA opened its doors, we were told that our vision for a peaceful, welcoming, safe school environment could never work for our student population without metal detectors and a police presence. Over two decades later, we have never had either. Our students come from communities and households that can be chaotic, traumatic, and even sometimes violent, but there has never been a single fight at LLA. We believe, based on our experience, that when our students become immersed in a community of mutual respect and accountability, they surpass everyone’s expectations.


Highlights from LLA's most recent evaluation report

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Students reduced truancy rates by an average of more than 70% after coming to Life Learning Academy in the 2018–2019 school year

Days missed during the semester prior to attending LLA and after transferring to LLA

Life Learning Academy students graduate at higher rates than similar students statewide

Graduation rates for socio-economically disadvantaged students statewide vs. graduation rates at LLA in 2018–19

Every Life Learning Academy graduate will be headed for college and/or be part of the workforce upon graduation

At graduation, more than 80% of LLA’s graduating students are employed, and over 60% go on to college or training schools.