What We Do

Social-Emotional Learning

Most, if not all, of the students who attend Life Learning Academy have experience with trauma. At LLA, we believe that there is no more effective neurobiological intervention than a safe relationship. These relationships work to bring the brain back into regulation. The focus of LLA’s culture and community is to provide:

  • Connections through safe, predictable, consistent relationships. 
  • Protection by promoting safety and trustworthiness.
  • Respect by engaging students in choice and collaboration.
  • Redirection by encouraging skill building and competence.

The staff uses trauma informed strategies by:

  • Clarifying our role with the students.
  • Establishing themselves as safe individuals.
  • Creating an environment of respect.
  • Giving students opportunities to make choices.
  • Talking about safety, and what steps you will take to keep the student safe.
  • Connecting students to the appropriate resources and people.
  • Messaging to kids: You are not alone.

We respond to students with empathy and flexibility. Students who experience trauma need to feel they are good at something and can influence the world. We give them the tools and the opportunities to shape their world at Life Learning Academy. We give them the tools for self-regulation, even and especially when they are dealing with big feelings. We ask them, point blank, what we can do to help them get through the day.

Life Learning Academy is a high school that provides housing, job skills and placement, college preparedness, and life skills. However, it is also a trauma-informed program that aims to regulate and activate our students’ thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Social-Emotional Learning at Life Learning Academy



LLA is a safe place with reliable relationships.


LLA's project-based learning model encourages skill-building to develop students' confidence and competence.


At LLA, we create an environment where students are empowered to use their voice, make choices, and shape the program.